Akung Cinema Experience by David Susilo

Equipment List (October 2014)




GutWire (Power Cables)

Kimber Kable (HD-19e HDMI cables) 

Monster Cable (M2000HD HDMI cables)

Ultralink Ambiance II (In Wall Feeds)

Vermouth Audio (Black Curse - Front and Rear Channels)



Control Room Monitor:


Toshiba 19" LCD



Lighting System:





Media Players:


Oppo BDP-103D Darbee Edition Blu-ray Player  

Pioneer CLD-D604 LaserDisc Player

Pioneer DVR-660 DVR

Scientific Atlanta 8300HD HD PVR

Western Digital WDTV Live Plus 



Phono Stage:


Esoteric Audio Rek-O-Kut Mark III



Power Conditioners:


Torus Power AVR15 Plus






Panasonic PT-AE8000U





Pioneer Elite SC-85




Remote Control:


Harmony One





Bell'o Getti Black Leather Manual Reclining Theatre Seats





Stewart Filmscreens 96" 21:9 1.3 Gain






Pioneer Elite Andrew Jones Dolby Atmos Enabled Towers

Pioneer Elite Andrew Jones Dolby Atmos Enabled Bookshelves

PSB Image C5 Centre Channel

PSB SubSeries 300



Tactile System:


Woon Tactile Transducer x6 (One per Seat)

JVC (powering the Tactile System)