Akung Cinema Experience by David Susilo

Born in Indonesia, raised in Australia and now living in Canada, David Susilo is a technology freak who is a big fan of anything Canon, Disney, PSB and Pioneer.

His love for Canon equipment started ages ago from watching his uncle, Antonius Lo - a professional photographer, uses Canon camera equipment at his studio in Bojong Indah, Indonesia.  His first Canon camera was the Rebel 1000F (Canon Rebel w/ flash, 2nd gen of 35mm Canon Rebel camera) back in 1992.  It was then accompanied with Canon APS Elph in 1998 and Digital Powershot in 2002.  In 2004 David Susilo tried to move to Olympus dSLR which turned out to be a very bad move due to its severe limitation in Auto Focus in low-light condition.  After 2 weeks battling the foolishness of Olympus dSLR, he went back to Canon.  This time it comes to full circle.  From Canon 35mm Rebel to Canon Digital Rebel.  With this he started his career in photography and as he progresses, David upgraded his dRebel to Canon 20D, 30D, 40D and now 7D.

David Susilo's love for Pioneer home electronics started way back when in the 80's when surround sound was in its infancy.  He started with the Pioneer SP-101 Surround Processor which later on exchanged with VSX-5900 Dolby Surround Receiver.
At that time, the popular media for videophile was LaserDisc and what company other than Pioneer offer a better LaserDisc player.  David went through so many different players (about 8 different models) including LD-S1 (first LD player that can do frame-by-frame on CLV disc), a bunch of Karaoke versions, LD player with 5-CD changer, Hi-Vision LaserDisc (Pioneer is the ONLY Hi-Vision LD manufacturer that can playback Hi-Vision media without any green tinge whatsoever), to the LD/DVD combo player.

Within the same period of time, David used Pioneer 27" 4:3 CRT (the first CRT with 3D comb filter), Pioneer's 16:10 rear projection TV (the first projection TV that produces deep blacks due to the black-painted internal housing so there is no internal reflection which tend to wash-out the picture), to a couple of their plasma TVs including their 8th gen PRO-1150 and 9th gen PRO-111.

Other Pioneer pioneering products David had used also includes a cassette changer, a 50+1 car CD changer, a 3-way Berrylium speakers, PC-based DVD recorders (about 12 different models - currently using 4 of them), and several standalone HDD+DVD recorders (currently using 3 of them, the DVR-640, DVR-650 and DVR-660)

With all the silliness of technology, David doesn't only plunged as a hobbyist, but also as a professional. 

As a professional photographer David photographs mostly for concerts, products and culinary and have been published by various publications and entertainment industries including Australian Women's Weekly, International Caterer's Association, Home & Decor, and Canadian Living; Walt Disney Corporation, Paramount Parks and Roy Thompson Hall.

In the audio/video world David is an ISF and THX certified professional, Control4 certified installer and sales, plus an HAA, CEA and CEDIA member.  He does A/V seminars, Home Theatre Designs, Consulting and Display Calibration across Canada for Audio Excellence, Mass Fidelity, Pioneer Electronics; in Indonesia for InFocus / Control4 / Sonos / GrandviewScreen sole distributor, and have been published by various publications such as Quebec Audio Video's TED Magazine, Home & Decor, Condo Living, Canadian Living, ICA Annual, Audio Lifestyle and AUVI Indonesia.

David is also a recipient of multiple photography, electronics sales and home theatre design award from around the globe.